Kayak Lake Mead and Black Canyon

Kayak Lake Mead Customized Kayak Trips, Lessons, and Outdoor Fitness  My business is: kayak trips and lessons on Lake Mead and in the Black Canyon. My business is paddling! ~ Robert Finlay

Kayak Lake Mead  is a one-man business. I have been in business since 2004  introducing people to the joys of paddling a kayak..and the wonders of our deserts...on a beautiful lake and river just outside of Las Vegas. I am known for my customized kayak trips and for my personalized kayak lessons. 

What sets me apart? Rather than offering a menu of tours, all of my trips are customized for you. This gives you the opportunity to work with me in designing a trip, lesson, or adventure fitness training experience based on what's important to you. As you browse this website, I'll think you'll discover that my priorities are quality of service, quality in boats and equipment, and having fun! Read some  testimonials  if you want, browse my site, the  Table of Contents  is a good start, and then  contact  me. This website is a good resource for things other than kayak trips and lessons, here you can find information on kayak skills, map and compass skills, kayak fitness, and adventures to do around Lake Mead and or the Black Canyon.  Something new ; want to set up a lesson or quickly book an Emerald Cave, The Temple, or Hot Springs trip? Visit my new site at;  Robert Finlay Kayak Guide .  

See you paddling!

Robert Finlay , Director Kayak Lake Mead

PS: Throughout this site you will see the plural personal pronouns of "we", "our", or "us". This is because, at times my family helps me out with trips and or with answering emails.  

Explore the website, there is lots of good info on  trips, lessons, kayak skills, map and compass, and kayak fitness. 

Contact me and let's go paddling!

Director Kayak Lake Mead Robert Finlay

My new website:  Robert Finlay Kayak Guide

Contact Me, thanks!  All our prices are  here  (opens in new window). 

See ya paddling!

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