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The Adventure Oreo Canyon: Rating:  intermediate to advanced

This is a short adventure, super fun, but you have to have your climbing game on. There is a 20' and a 40' Class 5 wall to negotiate going up canyon. TAGS: intermediate to advanced kayaking, hiking, trail running, canyoneering, climbing   

In the Black Canyon, Willow Beach to Oreo Canyon area: Kayak from Willow Beach to Oreo Canyon, run up the canyon, climbing as need be (Class 5), gain the saddle and either return down Oreo Canyon or continue down to WP6, swim back to your kayak and return to Willow Beach -  3 mile paddle, 3 mile run, 3 mile paddle , optional .75 mile swim -  RED  icons on the Google Map - 4 to 5 hours.  See this adventure as a Google Earth  TOUR

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