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The Desert Jim - Desert Adventure Fitness
Desert Adventure Fitness

The Adventure:  The Desert Jim Rating: intermediate to advanced

"The Desert Jim" is an outdoor gym and refers to a multisport adventurer we know - Jim Holmes. This is a good adventure, we've done it a couple of times. The paddle is long but beautiful and the canyon is a real surprise, shown as only 3 miles, the climbing Class 4 or 5 (subjectively it is 5...or 4) will make the 3 miles seem longer! TAGS: kayaking, hiking, trail running, canyoneering, climbing   

On Lake Mojave, Cottonwood Cove (Arizona side) to Willow Beach: kayak from Cottonwood Cove to Jim Canyon, run and climb up Jim Canyon 1, down Jim Canyon 2, return to your boat (an adventure within an adventure) then paddle to Willow Beach -  10 mile paddle, 3 mile climb/run, 25 mile paddle  -  BLUE  icons on the Google Map - 12 hours. 

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*  A good adventure done solely as kayaking...  This adventure on video: 

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