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Check out our kayak skills and fitness videos at  Kayak Lake Mead's YouTube Channel Kayak and Everyday Fitness My views on fitness are very simple:

  • Take action (as in, do it - don't talk about it)
  • Use it or lose it 
  • Excel at things I enjoy  

Fitness is all about a lifestyle - even a kayak fitness lifestyle. 

My web pages on kayak fitness are as unique as our lifestyle here at Kayak Lake Mead.  They include all the activities we enjoy; paddling, mountain biking, running, hiking, speed hiking, rock climbing and adventure racing.  In addition, we also workout with Kettlebells, barbells, pull-up bars and stones…yes, stones. 

Core Strength Core strength is important to kayaking. It is important in order to to feel centered, balanced, flexible and to remain injury free.  

If you commit to doing the exercises described in this site, you are guaranteed to build core strength that will make a difference in your fitness lifestyle.

Pull-ups Pull-ups are a good measure of overall strength and one the best ways to develop the pulling power needed for continued all day paddling.  Pull-up power is the best measure of your strength to weight ratio. Check out our pull-up exercises and tips for all levels of fitness.

Pull-Ups for Beginners This page will get you started on a program that will have you doing pull-ups in a few weeks. 

Pull-Ups for Core Strength Pull-ups with an arm rotation and a leg lift are our favorite pull-ups.  With this exercise, you will quickly feel your core getting stronger. 

Primal Power Pull-Ups If you are able to do a pull-up, you will find this Kettlebell exercise very interesting.  I call these Primal  Power Pull-Ups ; Power to the People - Full Metal Hookup .  

Floor Press for Core Strength This is a very good press that develops all around toughness and core strength.  I use Kettlebells for this exercise.  

Push Up Position Lat Pull This might be our favorite Kettlebell and kayak fitness exercise.  The lat pull from a push-up position will make you strong.  You can do it!

One Legged Squat Rolls with a Kettlebell This exercise builds balance, strong thighs and glutes and, of course, strong abs and core.  Although it’s harder than it looks, it’s one of our favorites…and it is fun!

Presses with a Stones I have been using stones for resistance training for over twenty years.  It builds raw primal power and toughness and allows for a lot of creativity in designing workouts and exercises for yourself. 

In this photo I'm doing a favorite Primal Fitness Exercise of mine;  Push-Up with a Rock: The one vitamin you should take: 

SportMulti , designed by world class athletes for athletes. Plus, this vitamin is good for anyone!

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