Kayak Lake Mead and Black Canyon
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Kayak Lake Mead

Kayak Lake Mead Affiliates and Sponsors Feed the Machine and SportMulti Dragon Door Kettlebells My Topo (topographic maps) Eddyline Kayak Sales Swift Paddle Sales

Scroll down to see the stuff that makes us stronger, smarter, better athletes... Feed the Machine and  SportMulti    ...is where we get out sports nutrition.    and because your food does not have everything you need... Your source for sports nutrition...

Click here to find out why we use SportMulti . Kettlebells                  ...are how we work out.           

Robert training with kettlebells...

My Topo    ...is where we get the maps we need.

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Eddyline Kayaks     High performance kayaks... click here .

Swift Paddles        The best "flat" paddle in the world... click here


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