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Crane's Nest Rapids Kayak Trip

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Kayak Lake Mead - paddle trip to Crane's Nest Rapids

Cranes' Nest Rapids A Kayak Trip in the Black Canyon

Crane's Nest Rapids:  (rapids in name only as there are no rapids now)

A half day kayak trip in the Black Canyon, it is 2 miles past Emerald Cave, to the Crane's Nest Rapids area (8 miles round trip). There are several good beaches to picnic, play, or relax on. We often include a short hike up one of several side canyons. This trip is very similar to our  Cranes' Nest Canyon  half day paddling-hiking trip but here the emphasis is more or paddling and relaxing or playing once we get there.   

The put-in point for our Black Canyon trips is Willow Beach, Arizona (just an hour and a half from downtown Las Vegas, Nevada).

See desert animals and vegetation of the Black Canyon;  Mojave Desert Flora and Fauna .

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In the photo gallery: Folks enjoying the sandy beaches near Cranes Nest rapids and a short hike up Cranes Nest Canyon. Use this  interactive map  to see some of the trips we do in the Black Canyon:

Robert Finlay - Director Kayak Lake Mead

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