Kayak Lake Mead and Black Canyon
Google Earth Tour of Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure

The Google Earth Tour 

   of Kayak Lake Mead's 

     Desert Adventure

The Desert Adventure as a Google Earth Tour:

This is a visual tour of one of our most popular combination kayaking and hiking trips, our  Desert Adventure

In this tour, you'll be able to explore the land forms, vistas, petroglyphs, a natural hot spring and many of the plants, flowers and animals that you might see on this three mile hike and eight mile paddle.  

Of course, you can do this adventure, just visit our Desert Adventure page and then contact us at  robert@kayaklakemead.com  for availability. 

Don't have Google Earth on your computer or don't need/want the plugin? Go here to see this tour on Google Maps;  Google Map Photographic Tour . Notes: To view this tour you will need the  Google Earth Plugin . The plug-in will allow you to navigate and explore geographic data on a 3D globe using a web browser. The plug-in is also used on Earth view in Google Maps. 

The view of the tour on this page is via a Google Gadget which are not always 100% reliable. If the photographic images are not loading completely (i.e. the images seem to be cut off), simply pause the tour and click on the icon for that image, it should then load completely.  You can pause the tour at any time and zoom in, zoom out, pan around and or rotate your view. To do all of that, press the left button of your mouse and hold your shift button down at the same time. As an alternate to "playing" the tour, you can double click on each icon and it should load properly. Have fun with this...  

If you have Google Earth on your computer: Here's the file to download to view this tour as it was intended without "gadget" hiccups and with more complete descriptions and full size images!   

The Desert Adventure Tour:

We hope you enjoyed this tour. This creation was a cooperative effort of Kayak Lake Mead and  Michael Malandra Photography .

The map icons were both borrowed directly from and inspired by Nicolas Mollet of  Maps Icons Collection . Based upon this model many icons were created to better represent the Mohave Desert.

Email us about our Google Earth Desert Adventure Tour

928-767- 3061

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