Kayak Lake Mead and Black Canyon
A Desert Adventure with Kayak Lake Mead

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Kayak Lake Mead's Desert Adventure In the Black Canyon of the Colorado River

Photo courtesy of Michael Malandra

Enjoy a Desert Adventure Photo Gallery Many of the photos are supplied courtesy of  Michael Malandra Photography

Kayak Lake Mead’s Desert Adventure

This trip can only be offered from October through May.

You will find this to be a unique experience; hiking, kayaking and time to soak in a natural hot spring. 

It begins with a three mile hike through desert canyons, followed by a soak in  natural hot springs  and finishes with an eight mile paddle down the very scenic Black Canyon of the Colorado River.

If you're considering this adventure, here's something that is kind of fun - a 3D interactive  Google Earth Tour , a virtual fly-over of the actual terrain that you would be hiking and paddling, with over 50 placemarks with photos. Don't have Google Earth? Then click here to see a  Photographic Map Tour

Also, here's a  3 minute video  of our Desert Adventure...

Although this adventure is not super strenuous, a level of fitness that supports a three mile desert hike and an eight mile paddle is required.   

Desert Adventure Trip Information:

  • Group size: Minimum is one person and maximum is four people
  • Time duration: Seven to eight hours
  • Cost: $240 per person

Booking: Go to our  Sign-Up Page  to book your Desert Adventure as a day trip or an overnight. Maps and Photos: Use the  interactive map  below to see where you'll meet us and what you can see during your Desert Adventure. 

Enjoy this map! Zoom in, zoom out, pan around, toggle between map, satellite, or terrain views and click on the icons for information and some great photos. 

See this map in a larger version on this site here;  Photographic Map Tour Notes: (1) Click on the 2 direction arrows below to show or hide the Sidebar List. (2) If you use the sidebar, double click the entries. (3) Enjoy this map in  Full Screen .

Click on the 'Localities' above to zoom in to that area of interest. Enjoy this map in  Full Screen Contact us:

Contact us to get a quote or to schedule a trip or lesson. 

All our prices are  here  (opens in new window). 

Email us and we'll get back to you as soon as we're back in the office from kayaking...

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