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Everglades Challenge - Race Report 2010

The Everglades Challenge - Race Report 2010 Classic photo of Druce TheJuice during the Everglades Challenge

In 2010, we hadn't really trained for a long distance paddle race but we were strong in that indiscernible adventure racing sort of way. 


I had that bacteria that turns toe nails yellow. But by race time, that bacteria had spread to my finger nails and then to the skin of my right hand. So, about half-way through the race my right hand was more or less a lobster claw, just about completely useless and not particularly fun to deal with. 

This time we had entered in Class 1, as an expedition kayak with downwind sail. We even kept the rudder on the boat, ha, ha! Well that sail was doing us just fine. The first afternoon we were screaming down the Venice coast at 7 or 8 knots, when alas the thing broke. At CP 1, I converted it to a hand held sail which later in the race we used to good effect. 

We paddled the Eddyline Whisper XL, 21' 6" by 30", and we paddled with Epic Mid Wings. Our course in 2010:

Elements  by Lindsey Stirling, good music while you read this report and browse the photo album....

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A YouTube Playlist of  some of our Everglades Challenge 2010 moments:

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If you are an adventure racer but first and foremost an adventurer, who is willing to take full responsibility for your skills, knowledge, conduct, and safety but love the true test of real adventure - then this challenge is for you. 

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