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Mojave Desert Flora and Fauna by Kayak Lake Mead

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Flora & Fauna of the Mojave Desert

Mapped Photos Taken While Kayaking, Trekking, and Mountain Biking

Mapped photos of the Flora and Fauna of the Mojave Desert by  Kayak Lake Mead

Use the map below to explore Mojave Desert flora and fauna in and around Lake Mead, Black Canyon, Black Mountains, River Mountains, White Hills, Cerbat Mountains, and Cerbat Foothills. All the photos are mapped in close proximity to where they were taken. This is sampling of the wildlife and vegetation that you can likely see while hiking or paddling with Kayak Lake Mead. Explore the map itself; hide the sidebar, bring up Panoramio or Wikepedia, change the map type, you can even explore this map in Google Earth, zoom in or out, get directions to a specific location, etc.  Contact us  and together we'll explore the desert. Enjoy!  

To see the complete photo album go here;  Gallery - Mojave Desert Flora and Fauna .  

Watch a slideshow video of these photos on YouTube;  http://youtu.be/s1NzjkKLiTA .

To see a clickable sidebar of all the entries, click 'View larger map'. 

Plants and Animals of the Mojave Desert: ?a partial list...

Acacia Apache Plume Arizona Poppy Blue Phacelia Big sagebrush Brittlebush California Buckeye Checker fiddleneck Chia Cliffrose Datura  Desert Dandelion Globemallow Lily Lupine Marigold Paintbrush Pincushion poppy Sunflower Devil's lettuce Devil’s Claw Dune Evening Primrose Fairy Duster Fiddleneck Freckled milkvetch Hop Sage Layne Locoweed Lobeleaf Groundsel Mojave Aster Nevada onion Panamint mariposa lily Mojave Prickly Poppy Parry's nolina Mariposa lily Popcorn Flower Prince's rock cress Rock cress Sand Verbena Scale bud Showy Four O'Clock Skeleton Milkweed Spanish Needles Western Wallflower White bear poppy Yellow cups  Yellow Beeplant Yerba mansa Burrowing Owl Mojave Bobcat California Kingsnake Chuckwalla Common Side-blotched Lizard Long-tailed Brush Lizard Cottontail rabbit Cougar Coyote Desert Bighorn Sheep Desert Chipmunk Desert Horned Lizard Desert Iguana Desert kit fox Desert night lizard Desert tortoise Elf Owl Fringe-toed lizard Gila Monster Glossy Snake Gopher Snake Great Basin Collared Lizard Hummingbird Jackrabbit Kangaroo Rat Long-nosed Leopard Lizard Mojave Green Rattlesnake Mojave ground squirrel Mohave tui chub - an endangered fish Mule Deer Pronghorn Red-spotted Toad Red-tailed Hawk Rosy boa Tarantula Western Diamondback Rattlesnake Zebra-tailed lizard

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