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Table of Contents for Kayak Lake Mead Customized Kayak Trips, Lessons, and Outdoor Fitness for You Table of Contents : There's lots of stuff on this page, please explore and enjoy, scroll down for information about our trips and lessons, and adventures. These are the listings of all of our kayaking and hiking trips, lessons, and fitness schedules. 

[ in brackets ]  : indicates a popular trip.

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More:  Time, Directions & Weather

NEW:  Want to set up a lesson or quickly book an Emerald Cave or Hot Springs trip? Check it out:  Robert Finlay Kayak Guide Also, visit these websites by Kayak Lake Mead :  Kayak Skills Map & Compass Skills Kayak Fitness Lake Mead Backcountry and Multisport (Guide Book to Self-Guided Adventures)

Testimonials and Reviews:

"Being with you last year was one of our best life experiences yet and believe us we have done lots of things.       ~ Regards & best wishes from sunny Spain , Tara and Juango ". 

You can read more testimonials  here . Kayak Lake Mead, White Hills, AZ is reviewed excellently on Yelp, Trip Advisor, and Thumbtack.  You can read  Google My Business  reviews, or if you've paddled with me before, leave your own review, thanks!   

Kayak Trips in the Black Canyon and on Lake Mead: Gift Certificates:

Kayak Trips in the Black Canyon Kayak Trips out of Temple Bar Moonlight Paddle Gift Certificate

In the Black Canyon On Lake Mead Moonlight Paddle  See the  Moon Calendar   Give the gift  of a kayak lesson or trip, or even a kayak or paddle for any special occasion. Black Canyon Kayak Trips:  [Emerald Cave] ,   [Frogman Petroglyph] ,   Monkey Hole ,   Crane's Nest Rapids Arizona Hot Springs ,   Sauna Cave

See a photo  Map Tour  of these  [ ] ' d trips.

Lake Mead Kayak Trips: [Decision Island - The Temple] ,   Trail Rapids Bay ,   Mushroom Reef

See a photo  Map Tour  of this  [ ] 'd trips.

Moonlight Paddle Trips: On Lake Mead [In the Black Canyon]

Trips with both Kayaking Hiking and and Special Fitness Adventures:  Multisport Adventures:

Desert Adventure Kayaking Hiking Adventures Adventure Fitness Backcountry Multisport

Desert  Adventure Kayaking & Hiking Fitness Adventures

See a photo  Map Tour  of the Desert Adventure Lake Mead Backcountry Multisport A guidebook to backcountry multisport adventures in the Lake Mead area that you can do guided or self guided . These adventures include various combinations of hiking, running, mountain biking, kayaking, and pack rafting.   Our various Kayaking & Hiking trips:

Our Desert Adventure ,   Teal Cove to White Mesa ,   Cranes Nest Canyon ,   Hike to the top of The Temple

A   Google Earth Tour  of our Desert Adventure

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Google Map and Earth Tours:

Here are the Google Map and Google Earth Tours of selected Kayak Lake Mead events:

Google EARTH Tour  of Our Desert  Adventure Google MAP Tour  of Our Desert Adventure Our  most popular 1/2 day trips  in the Black Canyon mapped. Our kayak skills videos  mapped to location . Oil Painting Gallery  Digital Art  - fantasy images of the desert.  Photo Tour  of Temple Bar

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Kayak Lessons and our Kayak School for kayaking self study and improvement:  Mojave desert Flora and Fauna:

Beginner Lessons Advanced Lessons Flora & Fauna Over 250 geotagged images on a Google Map

Kayak Skill Resources Articles and Videos on Skills, Fitness, Map & Compass, and Lessons - resources for the beginner or experienced kayaker.

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Eddyline Kayak and Eddyline / Swift Paddle Sales: 

Kayak Sales  of Eddyline Kayaks - Buy a kayak from us and get lessons for life! Paddle Information Paddle Sales  of Eddyline / Swift Paddles - lightweight and strong, a joy to paddle with. 

Lake Mead and Area Information: 

Google Map and Google Earth of Lake Mead Area Topographic Map of the Black Canyon

Fitness & Racing: Also:

Everglades Challenge SportMulti

We are 6 time winners of The Everglades Challenge, an adventure race of 300 miles.

See  our race reports  for 2006, 2010, 2011, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016. 

If you're an athlete and you take a daily multi-vitamin - you should consider  SportMulti , designed by  world class athletes  for athletes. 

For more information on why we like and use SportMulti,  click here

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Robert Finlay

With Kayak Lake Mead...

You can escape Las Vegas and relax and play on a beach, explore the beauty of the desert by kayak or on foot, or join us for an outdoor fitness adventure.

I hope this page has shown my depth of experience and our passion about kayaking and outdoor fitness. 

Have fun exploring this website. I hope to see you paddling. 

Robert Finlay, Director Kayak Lake Mead

All my prices are  here  (opens in new window).  Contact Me, thanks!  See Ya Paddling!

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