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Kayak Lake Mead's Decision Island - The Temple Kayak Trip

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Wild Burro Bay - a Kayak Lake Mead paddle trip

Decision Island & The Temple A Kayak Trip on the remote eastern portion of Lake Mead

Decision Island - The Temple:

This is one of the most beautiful, visually stunning, and photographically rewarding trips one can do anywhere on Lake Mead or in the Black Canyon. 

This is about a 6 to 8 mile paddle round trip depending upon where we go. To get there we cross Temple Basin towards The Temple, stop by Decision Island, and explore around a little.   

This bay lies inside Temple Bay and under the shadow of The Temple. 

See desert animals and vegetation of Lake Mead;  Mojave Desert Flora and Fauna .

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In the photo gallery:  The Temple, View of Burro Bay, a canyon behind Wild Burro Bay, the desert behind Wild Burro Bay, and the top of Temple Mesa.  Use this  interactive map  to see some of the trips we do out of Temple Bar:

Robert Finlay - Director Kayak Lake Mead

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