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Temple Bar Kayak Trips In Remote Eastern Lake Mead

The Temple Bar  area of Lake Mead is quiet.

"See how the water is like a mirror!  No wind, no waves, no noise from the wind, no noise at all...just plain quietness.  Never heard that before!"  - Erik Laflamme's comments after paddling in Temple Bay.

Kayak Lake Mead is the only local outfitter that does kayak trips out of Temple Bar. The drive is a little further, all our trips on Temple Bay are full day trips, but the views, the solitude, the clean water and beaches make this a great place to paddle, to explore, and or to find a nice sandy beach and just relax.

Temple Bay of the Colorado River/Lake Mead is a quiet area.  It is true desert wilderness with a lot of water. That makes it a great place to view wildlife. There is a big burro population out here.  Burros make trails and that make this area a great place to trail run. See our natural history pages on  Mojave Desert Flora and Fauna .

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Here are some of the trips we do out of Temple Bar: Map and Photos : Use this link to see an  interactive map  of these trips.

Contact  us if you have questions.

Kayak Lake Mead Trips out of Temple Bar:

Wild Burro Bay - a Kayak Lake Mead paddle trip Trail Rapids Bay - a Kayak Lake Mead paddle trip Mushroom Reef - a Kayak Lake Mead paddle trip

Decision Island & The Temple This is about a 10 mile round trip. You will paddle almost two miles into a hidden bay.  From there, we can explore and hike seemingly forever. 

Trails Rapids Bay Trails Rapids Bay is big with a lot of paddling possibilites. We can make this a 6 mile round trip paddle by just goint to a nice sandy beach and relaxing or we can make this a 20 mile paddle and explore (and still include a beach to relax on!).   Mushroom Reef It is about a 8 mile paddle round trip to Mushroom Reef. There are some great sandy beaches if you just want to lay about. Or if you want to do some trail running, there are some a lot of burro trails to explore and run.  

Kayaking & Hiking at Temple Bar:

Burro Cove to The Temple - a Kayak Lake Mead paddling and hiking trip Kayaking and Hiking Trip to Teal Cove and White Mesa

Temple Bar to Wild Burro Bay to The Temple 9 miles of paddling, 6 miles of hiking Temple Bar to Teal Cove to White Mesa 9 miles of paddling, 7 miles of hiking

Robert Finlay - Director Kayak Lake Mead

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See ya paddling,  Robert Finlay , Director Kayak Lake Mead

HAPPY PADDLING! Kayak Lake Mead.com 

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