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Use the powerful search engine  above to get the topographic map you need for your adventure, your training, your next paddle trip, or adventure race.

You can define your own maps. By defining the map's center and its size - you define your maps borders.

My Topo Maps are waterproof and they are tear resistant. In other word, they are rugged.

Practicing navigation means having a map to do it with. If you want to become skilled with a map and compass - the ONLY way to do that is to practice. This means getting a map of the area or areas where you train, hike, bike, or kayak and then practicing with your compass and map EVERYTIME you go out.  

Here are some maps already defined for you:

Arizona Hot Springs A fabulous hot spring in a volcanic slot canyon, 45 min from Las Vegas, deep down in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River.  

Bootleg Canyon A fantastic mountain biking park (and I use it for trail running) in Boulder City, Nevada. 

Mt. Charleston An 11, 800 ft. peak in the Spring Mountains just west of Las Vegas. 

Temple Bar This map centers itself at Mushroom Reef, a beautiful white sandy beach in Temple Bay. MyTopo maps are what we use for our training and for Kayak Lake Mead races. 

Questions: If you have any questions about practicing your navigation skills or...

If you have any questions about MyTopo topographic maps give us a call at 928-767-3061 or  e-mail us about MyTopo.

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