Kayak Lake Mead and Black Canyon
Kayak Lake Mead's Weather and Directions

Kayak Lake Mead Weather and Directions and Local Las Vegas Time WOW! If it's raining like this, we probably will wait to go kayaking. The good news is, it hardly ever rains in the desert. 

Time If you are coming from Las Vegas,  we will operate on... Nevada Time: 

Weather for Lakes Mead and Mojave Boulder City, NV Weather: Boulder City is the gateway to Lake Mead, about 30 min. from downtown Las Vegas.  Willow Beach Weather: Willow Beach is in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, the upper portion of Lake Mojave, 11 miles below Hoover Dam. Above Hoover Dam is Lake Mead. 

Directions        for Kayak Lake Mead Trips Directions To and Around Lake Mead:  Use the interactive Google Map below to see where you're going and how to get there.  Also, view some photos of what you might see during your time with Kayak Lake Mead.

Go here for a map of Mohave  Desert Flora and Fauna

You can zoom in or out and change map views between street, satellite, or terrain.  

View Kayak Lake Mead Directions in a larger map

Email us about the weather or directions in and around Lake Mead or the Black Canyon...


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